We have the utmost respect for the models on Sugar Los Angeles and would never want to de-value them, their image, their work, or our own. These are put in place to make sure that the choices made for Sugar Los Angeles and the people involved are the right ones. We would never want to make choices based on monetary gain and would never allow a magazine to publish our images if we didn't believe in what they stood for. It also protects us in the case of anything happening to our brand image and what we want to share and not share with the world. Most of all, your opinion matters! We always ask permission before releasing any images to magazines, websites, social media, and even our own website.

Thank you for understanding!

If this is a private photo shoot. This form does not need to be signed.

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By clicking agree below, I agree that my images can be used for marketing purposes, website portfolio, and prints may be sold online by Sugar Los Angeles. I am also aware that these images may be used in other magazines and online blogs, websites, and other places that the photographer sees fit. The photographer keeps all rights to the images themselves and I cannot sell them or distribute them to anyone without authorized consent. I have the right to print images for my portfolio. I cannot submit to magazines with the intention of them printing them or using them for their own promotional work unless otherwise discussed.
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