This workshop's concept is a simple one - spend the day with Sugar LA and learn how to photograph women, the right way. The distinction here is learning to photograph women in way that is both sexy and respectful. We'll take care of the location, models, hair & makeup, and you come ready to learn. This is a hands-on workshop where participants will be able to cycle through different set-ups and have an opportunity to shoot.


I believe that the photography part of things can be very simple, once you understand what you are trying to capture. 

To allow you to view photography in such a way that you can remove the technical and focus on the psychology of people.

To help you understand body language and different ways to get what you want out of a model.

I want to give you a different approach to building your portfolio, progression, and understanding your own vision.


I will show you how I work with light and on many occasions a lack thereof.  

I will discuss my communication techniques with models to make sure that our visions are the same and the person is comfortable.

I will show you the difference between strong natural body language vs posing.

I will discuss wardrobe and why what we do works and mistakes that many stylists and photographers make.


This will be a full day with various models where you can get time behind the camera with experienced and un-experienced models.

I will work with you side by side to make sure that you have a full understanding of lighting techniques and how to make the most of any situation.

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Can't make it to a workshop? We also do private lessons! Contact us for more information.